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MadTown PC offers custom computers, built to order!

Freshly built computers means you get the most up to date computer for the price.

Don't buy an outdated PC off the shelf of another store again! You are just doing them a favor!

What you get with New MadTown PC computers:

  • Delivery and setup that are included in the price of the computer!
  • Data transfer from your old computer to your new computer. Others charge extra for that.
  • Hooking up printers and other devices and making sure they work.
  • Security and anti-virus software comes with all new computers.

What you DON'T get:

  • An outdated, slow out of the box computer!
  • Tons of trial software you will never use that slows down your computer.
  • The hassle of setting up everything yourself.

Call for a free quote on a new computer today. To see pictures of past computer builds; visit my new computer album on facebook Here.


Used Computers for Sale:

Used Dell Dimmension 2400:

Windows XP Pro
512 MB of RAM (Make it 1 GB for an extra $15)
80 GB Hard Drive
CD Burner
Onboard graphics, sound, and network card.
Add WiFi + $10.00
No monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Tower Only.
3 Month Warranty!
Price: $175.00


Used HP 17" LCD Monitor: $50.00


Listings are updated all the time so come back soon!

Buy A New PC - First Step

If you would like a new computer from MadTown PC, please fully read and agree to the terms below in the New Computer Agreement. You must agree to these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms below please Contact us with your concerns.

I have read the entire agreement above and agree to the terms.